Conference Presentations


  • Trowsdale, J and Davies, R. Coventry Teachers as Movers and Makers – a Coventry vision, 18/09/18, The Herbert, Coventry
  • Trowsdale, J. – The challenge of recognising and evidencing creativity in education, Paper, British Educational Research Association (BERA) 11/09/2018, Northumbria University
  • Trowsdale, J., Davies, R. and Boylan, M. – What does ‘STEAM’ signify in the current educational landscape? Relationships, agency and knowledge, Symposium, BERA, 13/09/2018, Northumbria University
  • Davies, R. and Trowsdale, J. – ‘Un-herd’: exploring new ways of presenting research to a broad audience. 12/09/2018, Northumbria University
  • Moving and Making Conference, Univerity of Warwick, 16/07/18
  • Trowsdale, J. Imagineering the future? – A STEAM education model, Everything Matters Conference, (Arts and STEM), 13/02/18, Trident College, Warwick


  • Trowsdale, J. and Davies, R. – Re-Imagining the Curriculum; Trowsdale, J. and Leahy, K., The Imagineerium Initiative, Inspiring Change Conference, 26/09/2017, Study Inn, Coventry
  • Trowsdale, J. – Beyond creativity and cognition: Emergent ideas about the body in learning, Paper.  Anna Craft Prize, British Educational Research Association (BERA) Creativities in Education 2017, BERA, 07/09/2017, University of Sussex
  • Davies, R., Trowsdale, J. and Burnard, B. – Distilling the practical implications of, and for, STEAM education, Symposium, BERA, 06/09/2017, University of Sussex
  • Sim, N., Cunningham, J., Davies, R. and Trowsdale, J. – Improving learning through partnerships: policy lessons from community projects, Symposium, BERA, 07/09/2017, University of Sussex
  • Wood, P. and Trowsdale, J. – Curriculum and complexity: a different imaginary, Complexity and Education Day, BERA / PESGB / IOP, 26/07/2017, Institute of Education, London
  • Trowsdale, J. and Davies, R. – The value of instability: lessons for reviewing how and why creativity and the arts might interact with STEM education, Paper, 3rd European Conference for Curriculum, 16/06/2017, University of Stirling


  • Trowsdale, J. – Art-making as education? Reviewing an experiential arts and engineering project with and for learners, Paper, New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) 23/11/2016, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Davies, R., Colucci-Gray, L. and Trowsdale, J. – Reviewing, revisioning and reenacting: a STEAM education fit for the 21st century? Invited Symposium, NZARE, 22/11/2016, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Trowsdale, J. – Imagineering: imagining and creating across the arts and engineering through collaborative art-making, Paper, BERA, 17/10/2015 University of Leeds
  • Davies, R., Colucci-Gray, L., Trowsdale, J. and Burnard, P. – Reviewing the Potential and Challenges of Developing STEAM Education through Creative Pedagogies for 21st Century Learning: experiencing the research commission, Innovation Session, BERA, 15/09/2016, University of Leeds
  • Trowsdale, J. – Is that all there is? – arts provision for young people with learning disabilities, Conference Chair, 9-10th/3/2016, Birmingham Hippodrome


  • Trowsdale, J., Worth, S. and Worth M. – Physical Theatre as Embodied Learning, Workshop-Seminar,  Inspiring Curiosity Conference: Celebrating 50 years of Theatre in Education, 21/10/2015, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
  • Hayhow, R. and Trowsdale, J. – How can Psycho-Physical Actor- Training Methods Developed with Young People with Learning Disabilities Foster their Engagement with Society? Workshop-Seminar, Inspiring Curiosity Conference: Celebrating 50 years of Theatre in Education, 21/10/2015 Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
  • Trowsdale, J. – Being and Learning ‘like me’ – developing learners through an arts and engineering partnership, Paper, BERA, 17/09/2015, Queens University, Belfast
  • Trowsdale, J., Colucci-Gray, L., Slade, C. and Davies, R. – Getting STEAMed up Focusing research for creative pedagogies in, and across, the arts and sciences, Innovation Session, BERA, 15/09/2015 Queens University, Belfast


  • Trowsdale, J. and Challis, S. – Researching Creativity Creatively, Paper, BERA, 23/09/2015, Institute of Education, London
  • Trowsdale, J., Hammershoj, L., Davies, R. – Developing creativity in education: how do cultural contexts matter? Symposium, BERA, 13/09/2015, Institute of Education, London
  • Trowsdale, J., – Engineering the Imagination: STEM learning in an arts context, Paper, 02/09/2014, European Conference of Educational Research (ECER), Porto


  • Trowsdale, J. – Do e-portfolios have a role in teacher education in developing the habits of reflection, connection and professionalism?, Paper, BERA, 04/09/2013 University of Sussex
  • McKinnon, T. and Trowsdale, J. – Mahara: Creative Spaces, Mahara UK Conference, 04/07/2013, Custard Factory, Birmingham
  • Trowsdale, J. and Wilkinson, N. – Moving student teachers from competency to reflectively competent professionals through e-port-folio, International Association of Technology, Education and Development (INTED), Virtual Presentation, 05/03/2013, Valencia, Spain

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