Current Projects

Research and development of Creative Engineering Apprentices: 3 year programme (2018-2021) with medium sized engineering company in exploring the implications of an arts based and creative approach to developing apprentices in the workplace.

The Imagineerium Initiative: 3 year (2017-2020) Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) ‘More and Better’ award to develop an innovative STEAM (Science, technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education model formed from an arts-industry-education-community partnership. Principal Investigator and Educational Consultant.

Informed by evaluations and school interest, a new programme has been devised, in part from The Imagineerium Initiative called Movers and Makers, which supports teachers in adapting and using practices common to the arts.

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DPhil thesis (in development) investigating art-making, as an under-realised site and practice for education. The Imagineerium provides the case study for an argument for greater attention beig paid to the role of the body, of affect and real-world, situated arts-rich projects as models in education.

Ongoing ‘STEAM’ education developing from the recently completed:  research commission for BERA Reviewing the Potential and Challenges of Developing STEAM Education through Creative Pedagogies for 21st Century Learning: how can school curricula be broadened towards a more responsive, dynamic and inclusive form of education?’