Creative Partnerships / Cre8us

I was Director of the Creative Partnerships Programme in Coventry 2004-2007 and of Cre8us which ran the Creative Partnerships project in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire from 2007 – 2011. From 2002-2010 the programme was the government’s flagship creative learning programme and its value and impact has been documented in research reports. many which can be found on the Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) website.

Over this time we worked with over 150 schools (nursery, primary and secondary). A sample of some of the projects and resources we developed pver this time are listed below.

  • Our first project as Creative Partnerships Coventry involved 6 early years settings and 11 artists exploring how creative spaces could affirm and develop young children’s creative learning. Learning from the project, was recorded in an early publication Second Skin and continues to inform practitioners today. The first phase was also reported on by early years researchers Second Skin report 2005 who also supported teachers in conducting their own action research – this is one example – action research report
  • As we formed Cre8us, Coventry schools involved were invited to reflect on their journey so far – an invitation and encouragement to any other school wishing to develop creative practices. This was distilled in Reflections on a creative Journey book. Shaped by inspirational artwork from visual artist Jo Roberts, the book uses Jo’s creations and the voices of teachers, artists and young people to capture what mattered to them and their schools. Some hard copies remain. 
  • In 2010 we surveyed and interviewed teachers about how their practice had changed and what particular aspects of creativity mattered in their classrooms. These are viewable as a series of short video clips.
  • The practices developed collaboratively by Cre8us were recorded in our final year by a range of artists talking about their work and the processes and skills they developed
  • Projects always adressed schools needs, sometimes generating a critical mass of interest. Collective interest from secondary schools resulted in numerous projects captured in this publication: Creative Approaches to Poetry from Other Cultures.
  • A number of case Studies of Creative School development and projects were gathered over the yard. Here are just a sample.

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