Highly Sprung Performance Company

Highly Sprung Performance Company, create professional and youth work and have extensive experience in education. I first worked with them through ‘Dramatic Effect’ – a project with Solihull Local Authority in Secondary schools. The company also engaged in Creative Partners in Learning – a training programme for artists working with schools, designed with Creative Agents Michael Supple and supported by Claire Marshall (Now Changing Cultures) through Creative Partnerships Coventry and Cre8us.

In 2011-2 Highly Sprung developed the Commotion Project: a physical theatre interactive performance and workshops for KS1 and 2. I worked as education advisor alongside Ally Caldecote, Ogden Trust and Physics outreach Office at the University of Warwick, to support the design and evaluation of impact.

In 2015 I supported the development of embedded evaluation and practice development across the team of artists working on a newly conceived Physical Fellowship project for primary school aged pupils: First Steps – Dare to be Different.  This continues in 2016 with One Giant Leap



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